Clinical Trial

Proving how your medical device or medical equipment works is key for marketing and selling your innovation.


Medical devices and medical equipments need to comply with high quality standards as patients lives can be at stake. A poor medical device will never become a market leader.

In ALANDRA Medical we know how important Clinical Trial is for determining a medical device commercial future. Therefore, we seek to conduct clinical research in Mexico benefiting from NAFTA that can determine the safety and efficacy of the medical product as well as how it performs towards established treatment standards.

Our medical device CRO is one of its kind. Our Clinical Trial Team is formed by a group of experts in Clinical Medical Device Trials, high level monitors and experienced physicians who work together to design and perform the proper trial for your device.


Capital Efficiency
ALANDRA Medical will make sure that every dollar you invest will generate value toward your end-points in the clinical trial conducted.


Quality Certification
ALANDRA Medical is certified by the ISO 13485:2003 and the ISO 9001:2008, complying with the highest quality standards, making possible to obtain valuable results for decision making, defining marketing direction and integrating regulatory documentation for sanitary approvals considering the clinical trial results.


Research Subject Population
Our vast ecosystem allows ALANDRA Medical to offer its clients immediate access to large research subjects populations for any indication your device works for. Common diseases still need medical attention and new technologies to treat them.


ALANDRA Medical device CRO services and clinical trial are available for a wide variety of specialties including diabetes, cardiology, neurology, minimally-invasive surgery, anesthesiology, critical care, electromagnetic therapy and audiology.


ALANDRA Medical can help your company to develop and conduct the complete clinical trial for  your medical device or medical equipment and prove specific end-points.
ALANDRA Medical makes pre-clinical and clinical trial in all phases, assuring end-points are proved and studies are aligned to GCPs and ICH standards